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Kathy Lamb Kozenski

School of Liberal Arts/Department of Geography

Expert Bio

Kathy Lamb Kozenski has been the executive director for the Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana Inc., or GENI, for 30 years. During her tenure, GENI has grown into a well-respected, reliable and engaged geography education outreach organization. GENI provides professional development opportunities for P-20 educators, librarians, geospatial professionals, citizens and those interested in learning more about geography in the 21st century.

Lamb Kozenski began her K-12 career at the middle school level but then turned her efforts toward improving academic standards, resource connections, classroom curriculum and employment diversity awareness, ensuring accurate and appropriate geographic literacy throughout the state and beyond.

Areas of Expertise

Geography education.

Other Information

Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana:

Geospatial Technologies:

Geography and History of the World: