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Wes Tobin

School of Natural Science and Mathematics

Expert Bio

Wes Tobin is an assistant professor of physics. His research interests include observational astronomy, including the areas of observations and analyses of peculiar velocity structures in galaxy clusters; spectroscopic observations of parent stars of extrasolar planets; and high-precision photometric methods in detecting variability and extrasolar planets.

He received his Doctor of Education in Science from Ball State University, his M.S. in astrophysics from Iowa State University, and his Bachelor of Science in physics and mathematics from Indiana State University. Tobin has published articles for European Journal of Physics and Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Areas of Expertise

Observational astronomy in the areas of peculiar velocity structures in galaxy clusters and high-precision variable star photometry; educational research in the physical sciences in the areas of pedagogical methods including corequisite/concurrent enrollment strategies; online and technological methods of instruction using NROC, OER, QM, PhET, and statistical modeling and analysis.

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