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IU Bloomington

Spencer Hays

Department of Statistics

Expert Bio

Spencer Hays is a clinical associate professor in statistics and director of the Indiana Statistical Consulting Center, which aims to enhance statistical education through excellence in applied statistics and consulting, including statistical consulting for news organizations. Before becoming a professor, Hays worked as a scientist for DOE national laboratory in Washington State.

Before IU, Hays was an assistant professor of statistics at Virginia Commonwealth University. He received his Ph.D. in statistics at the University of North Carolina, specializing in functional data with applied research in psychiatry and finance. Preceding doctoral study, he worked as a statistician in financial services in Richmond, Virginia; Toronto; and Charlotte, North Carolina. He completed his MA in Economics at MSU and BA in economics at IU.

Areas of Expertise

Statistics, econometrics, time series analysis, functional data analysis, psychometrics. applied statistical experience in economics/finance, psychiatry/neuroscience, ecology, pediatric studies, U.S. Department of Energy initiatives.