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IU Bloomington

Lessie Frazier

College of Arts and Sciences

Expert Bio

Associate professor LF Frazier, anthropologist and historian, teaches courses on transnational feminisms; gender, race and the erotics of imperialism; gender and sexuality in Latin America; theories of gender and sexuality; feminist perspectives on warfare and militarism; methodology; and gender and human rights. Her work focuses on political culture in the Americas.

She has published on gender, nation-state formation, human rights, mental health policies, memory, poetics, activism and feminist ethnography. She is the author of “Salt in the Sand: Memory, Violence, and Nation-State Formation” (Duke 2007); “Gender & Sexuality 1968” (Palgrave 2009/2018pbk); and “Gender’s Place: Feminist Anthropologies of Latin America” (Palgrave 2002).

Areas of Expertise

Political cultures: racializations, gendering of, erotics/sexualizations, class/capitalism; nation-state formations: social movements, human rights, prison camps, militarism, democratization; theory: transnational, gender/feminist, race, Marxian, critical; memory, language (narrative and poetics), affect, space/place; 19th- to 21st-century Americas, especially Chile, Mexico, United States, Western Europe; anthropology, history, gender/sexuality/women, American, Latin American and cultural studies.