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Lauren Christopher

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Expert Bio

Lauren Christopher joined IUPUI in 2008. She is currently teaching electrical and computer engineering courses and heading the Machine Intelligence and Computer Vision in 3D lab in the department. Her research is in 3D image and computer vision, including interpreting pedestrian and bicyclist actions for autonomous vehicles, combining virtual 3D with real world data, and machine learning (deep neural network) techniques to provide semantic understanding of 3D videos. Her research interests include real-time 3D systems, 3D image sensors and 3D computer vision algorithms.

Christopher received her B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering and computer science in 1982 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, specializing in digital signal processing and chip design. She worked at RCA’s David Sarnoff Research Labs in the 1980’s developing chips for early digital television, and in the 1990s joined Thomson Consumer Electronics, where she led the first DirecTV receiver design.

In 2010, Christopher was inducted into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame for her work in leading the development of the DirecTV set-top box. She received her Ph.D. from Purdue University in 2003, developing image segmentation techniques in 3D medical ultrasound images toward automatic cancer detection.

Areas of Expertise

Machine learning, computer vision, 3D imaging, virtual reality, cameras, 3D displays, image processing, Bayesian optimization, particle swarm optimization, field programmable gate arrays, chip design, VHDL, C++, digital television.

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