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Andrea Pfeifle

IU School of Medicine

Expert Bio

Andrea Pfeifle, an associate professor of family medicine and director of IU’s Interprofessional Practice and Education Center, leads a statewide initiative across nine campuses to transform health science education programs through the longitudinal integration of core interprofessional practice competencies into their curricula.

She has devoted much of her professional life to moving the art and science of interprofessional education, collaboration and teamwork forward in a rapidly changing health care landscape through the integration of education, community engagement, and professional practice and through research elucidating best practices in instructional design. She helped launch the Comprehensive Pain Assessment Clinic at IU Family Medicine Center in Indianapolis and is working to increase and improve the training of health care professionals from IU, emphasizing a systems-based approach that addresses opioid substance abuse disorder and overdose through screening, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and harm reduction, appropriate referral and effective pain management.

Areas of Expertise

Interprofessional education, evaluation, interprofessional collaborative practice, team care, pain management, program outcomes, instructional design.

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