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Fran Quigley

IU McKinney School of Law

Expert Bio

A longtime human rights activist and member of faith-based and health care access advocacy groups, Fran Quigley is a clinical professor at the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law, where he directs the Health and Human Rights Clinic.

He is the author of dozens of mass-media and academic articles focusing on access to health care as a human right. Those articles have been published in The New York Times and Foreign Affairs, among other publications. He also edits the weekly publication Faith in Healthcare,, and coordinates the nonprofit advocacy group of the same name.

Quigley is also the author of four books, including Prescription for the People: An Activist’s Guide to Making Medicines Affordable to All (Cornell University Press, 2017).

Areas of Expertise

Access to health care, including access to medicines; living wages; faith community advocacy for social justice.