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Hannah Lee

Department of Psychology

Expert Bio

Hannah Lee has found that understanding one’s cognition (e.g., beliefs, attitudes) is crucial as it plays a central role in one’s emotions and behaviors. Given that one’s belief system is developed within a cultural framework, her research focuses on identifying socio-cultural factors in psychological phenomena.

Specifically, Lee has challenged some of the traditional assumptions in understanding social anxiety in ethnic minorities by focusing more on bicultural perception, which has generated more nuanced findings. She has also critically reviewed pervasive beliefs about optimism by theorizing that the role of optimism is situational and culture-based.

For the past few years, Lee has been collaborating in large cross-cultural research projects on happiness and well-being. Her ultimate goal across her research projects is to translate the research into interventions to reduce psychological distress that interferes with one’s life and/or to enhance one’s current functioning to engage in life in its fullest capacity.

Lee is a licensed psychologist with an emphasis on culturally responsive practice and strength-focused approaches to therapy. She has expertise in ADHD/learning disability assessments, behavioral medicine and addiction counseling.

Areas of Expertise

Mental health and culture, diversity education, optimism/unrealistic optimism, academic achievement, well-being in cross-cultural perspectives.

Other Information

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