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IU Bloomington

Minjeong Kang

The Media School

Expert Bio

Minjeong Kang, an internationally recognized expert on employee communication and relations, is an assistant professor in public relations at The Media School at Indiana University Bloomington. Her research is primarily focused on how internal organizational communication influences employee engagement with their work, the quality for employee-organization relationships, and employee intentions such as turnover, advocacy, negative word of mouth, etc.

Kang also has worked on the effects of corporate crisis communications on stakeholders during a health crisis (e-coli) and the effects of a government’s failed pandemic crisis communications on citizens’ protests and activism behaviors (MERS outbreak in South Korea). She has a Ph.D. and has published in top strategic communication journals for the 10 years.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate communication, employee communication, employee engagement, turnover intention, symmetrical internal communication, dialogic organizational communication, government crisis communication, trust and distrust, public engagement, health crisis communication.

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