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Naomi Swiezy

IU School of Medicine

Expert Bio

Naomi Swiezy is a professor of clinical psychology in clinical psychiatry at the IU School of Medicine who specializes in applied behavior analysis; staff and caregiver training; and behavioral assessment and treatment of autism spectrum and related disorders, as well as global systems change and implementation science. In 2004, Swiezy founded and developed the HANDS in Autism training model and currently serves as director of the center.

She developed the center as a means to provide intensive and hands-on coaching and training of staff and professionals working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder across community settings while also facilitating networking, collaboration and training support across community systems. Despite an emphasis with autism spectrum disorder, the application of principles has utility across a range of disabilities, settings and lifespan issues.

Swiezy joined the IU faculty in 1998 after leaving Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She provides consultation, training and direct services across community practices statewide and globally; facilitates a statewide interagency autism council and cadres; serves on a number of local, state and federal committees; and presents/publishes widely in autism.

Areas of Expertise

Autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, caregiver training, staff training, implementation science, evidence-based practices, behavioral assessment and intervention, facilitation, program development and evaluation, school and community consultation, global systems change efforts, applied behavior analysis.