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IU Bloomington

Jodee Smith

Sustainable Food Systems Science

Expert Bio

Jodee Smith, the Resilient Food Systems manager at the Environmental Resilience Institute, has more than 12 years of experience providing impactful results in food systems work for Indiana. She is a statewide leader and works with partners across agencies and universities, as well as those in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, to address food issues at the systems level.

As a pracademic, Smith bridges the gap between research and implementation and provides valuable services for the state of Indiana. Leveraging funding, technical expertise and partnerships, she works to build capacity for food systems change using an asset-based and servant leadership approach. Working with local leaders and regional food system stewards, Smith supports with research and evidence-based models customized for community need.

Areas of Expertise

Regional food value chains, food is medicine, farm to school, farm to institution, values-based food procurement, good food, climate-smart food, food charter, Indiana Food Vision, food system assessment and inventories.

Other Information