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IU Bloomington

Kristoph Kleiner

Kelley School of Business

Expert Bio

Kristoph Kleiner is an economist and associate professor of finance at the IU Kelley School of Business and has been a visiting scholar at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. In Kleiner’s view, finance is the study of risk and talent: talent to achieve the highest average returns and risk to minimize potential losses. He teaches courses in corporate finance.

Through the collection of novel worker-level datasets and surveys as well as the application of experimental and econometric methods, his research exploits variation in interactions, incentive and experiences to analyze credit risk across banks and households and the allocation of managerial and entrepreneurial talent. His research has been published in the Journal of Financial Economics and Review of Financial Studies. Before coming to Kelley, he completed his Ph.D. at Duke University and interned with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Federal Reserve Board.

Areas of Expertise

Unemployment, small business, bankruptcies and foreclosures, bank loans, job market, labor issues in finance.