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Sally Wasmuth

School of Health and Human Sciences, Department of Occupational Therapy

Expert Bio

Sally Wasmuth’s background is in African-American studies, philosophical studies of biology and occupational therapy. Her research focuses on translational and implementation science, particularly in the areas of occupation-based intervention for addictive disorders and dual-diagnosis. She is involved in several arts-based recovery initiatives, including the use of theatre as both a therapeutic intervention and a means of stimulating community conversations on critical topics including the opioid crisis and health care inequities related to race.

Areas of Expertise

Stigma, substance use disorder recovery, addiction-as-occupation, theatre-based stigma reduction, participatory theatre, mental health, narrative-based assessment and intervention, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of biology, implementation science, translational science.

Other Information

Video: Veterans discover relief from PTSD through theatre: Recovery in Appalachia (NPR): Podcast, “Recovery Talks”: Theater helping recovery: Health inequity for African American women:

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