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John Talbott

Kelley School of Business

Expert Bio

John Talbott is director of the Center for Education and Research in Retail and a senior lecturer at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. Before coming to IU, he was a chief executive with extensive turnaround experience in retail, including top-to-bottom assembly of a store and back office management while defining store brands, developing product and designing an in-store experience to improve customer perceptions.

Courses he has developed include those on emerging media, marketing strategy, retail merchandising analytics, product development, international textiles and trade, general marketing courses, and channel management courses for undergraduates and MBAs.

He is founder of Blue Collar Consulting, a small business engaged in general retail, product development for retailing, retail lease management, and development of multi-channel marketing strategies.

Areas of Expertise

Retailing, relating marketing activities to financial outcomes, new media communication.

Other Information

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