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Travis Faas

Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering

Expert Bio

Travis Faas brings his experience working for an advertising company into the classroom, teaching students how to build interactive media experiences that combine technical mastery and an eye for artistry. He’s written several introductory texts on media applications development that have been used as resources in universities nationwide. His classes range from introductory media applications development to game production and design theory.

Faas, who earned his Master of Science in applied computer graphics from Purdue University, has contributed to award-winning educational games business plans (Burton D. Morgan Competition, 2008). His prior creative activity focused on mixed reality spaces, spatial ability and creative coding.

His excellence in teaching has led to honors from two universities: IUPUI, for his work as a lecturer (2017), and Purdue University, for his work as a teaching assistant (2009). Faas is pursuing a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction, with specific interest in the programming and game development communities of practice found on live-streaming sites such as

Areas of Expertise

Video games, game development, augmented reality, live streaming, Twitch, educational games, games for change, games for health, makers, virtual reality, programming, 3D, online communities, educational technology, apps, application development, web development, esports, indie games, vtubers.

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