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Zebulun Wood

Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering

Expert Bio

Zeb Wood is a lecturer and director of the Media Arts and Science Undergraduate Program. His comfort zone is at the edge of emerging media, focusing in 3D-design integrated formats. He has worked with students on projects that improve lives and disrupt industries. He instructs in all areas of 3D production, including augmented and virtual reality.

He is leading projects that explore the use of augmented reality, 3D and 3D printing in prosthetic design, augmented reality in education, and education for innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Wood has worked with students and faculty on Virtual Bethel, a unique collaboration involving digital archiving and a 3D re-creation of the Bethel AME Church building near the IU Indianapolis campus.

His work with student researcher Cade Jacobs, in collaboration with the IU School of Dentistry at IU Indianapolis, has led to new techniques in the field of maxillofacial prosthetic creation. Together with Tom Hummer, assistant research professor of psychiatry in the IU School of Medicine, Wood is examining whether virtual reality can improve perspective-taking and related brain function and behavior in youth with oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder.

Before completing his graduate degree, Wood founded the nonprofit IndianaUploaded, an online design competition community for Indiana high school and college students. He continues to discover worthwhile opportunities and careers in an effort to connect local artists, designers and animators to innovative opportunities here at home in Indiana.

Areas of Expertise

3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality, digital avatars, virtual avatars, community-building, digital and traditional arts, servant leadership, political media, social media, gaming, esports, storytelling, visualization.

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