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IU Bloomington

Christopher Lubienski

Department of Education Leadership and Policy Studies

Expert Bio

Christopher Lubienski is a professor of education policy at Indiana University. He is also a fellow with the National Education Policy Center, a guest professor and senior research fellow at the Center for Global Studies of Educational Leadership and Collaboration at East China Normal University in Shanghai, and an adjunct professor at Murdoch University in Western Australia. His research focuses on education policy, reform and the political economy of education, with a particular concern for issues of equity, access and evidence use in policymaking.

Lubienski has studied school choice (charter schools, school vouchers and homeschooling), and was named a Fulbright Senior Scholar for New Zealand, where he studies segregation patterns. He has authored both theoretical and empirical journal articles on questions of innovation and achievement in school choice systems, including peer-reviewed articles in journals such as the American Journal of Education, the Oxford Review of Education, the American Educational Research Journal, the Journal of Education Policy, Educational Researcher and the Congressional Quarterly Researcher.

He has also been invited to testify before the U.S. Congress, and his work has been featured in news media including The New York Times, The Washington Post, La Liberacion, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and Business Week.

Areas of Expertise

Education policy, charter schools, school vouchers, homeschooling, segregation.

Other Information