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IU Bloomington

Raiford Guins

The Media School

Expert Bio

Raiford Guins is a professor of cinema and media studies in The Media School at Indiana University. He edits MIT University Press’s “Game Histories” book series with Henry Lowood and serves as a founding principal editor with the Journal of Visual Culture.

He is the author of “Edited Clean Version: Technology and the Culture of Control” (Minnesota University Press, 2009) and “Game After: A Cultural Study of Video Game Afterlife” (MIT Press, 2014). He has co-edited “Popular Culture: A Reader” (Sage, 2005), “The Object Reader” (Routledge, 2009) and “Debugging Game History: A Critical Lexicon” (MIT Press, 2016).

Areas of Expertise

Video game history and preservation, media/materiality and life histories of objects, cultural studies of technology and media history, visual culture and material culture, design culture and design history, history and philosophy of technology.

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