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Paul Macklin

Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering

Expert Bio

Paul Macklin joined the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering in the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering to help build its new bioengineering track. He leads multidisciplinary teams to create computational models for cancer treatment, tissue engineering, designing biological robots and other applications.

He has developed powerful 3-D simulators for biological transport and complex cell systems that scale from desktop computers to high-performance computing. Macklin strongly believes in sharing publicly funded work with the public, so all his computer models are available as open source. He also leads MultiCellDS, an international team working to share multicellular data and computer models.

Areas of Expertise

Mathematical modeling, mathematical biology, multiscale modeling, open source, data sharing, data standards, mathematical oncology, biorobots, cancer, multidisciplinary, diffusion, agent-based models, applied mathematics, multicellular biology.

Other Information

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