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Jing Zhang

School of Engineering and Technology

Expert Bio

Jing Zhang is an associate professor of mechanical engineering. His research interests are broadly centered on understanding the processing-structure-property relationships in advanced ceramics and metals for optimal performance in application.

To this end, the research group employs a blend of experimental, theoretical and numerical approaches, focusing on several areas, including: * Processing-microstructure-property relationships: thermal barrier coating, solid oxide fuel cell and lithium-ion battery. * Physics-based multiscale models: ab initio, molecular dynamics, discrete element models and finite element models. * Coupled phenomena: diffusion-thermomechanical properties. * Additive manufacturing or 3D printing: Additive manufacturing materials characterization, additive manufacturing process (direct metal laser sintering) models.

Areas of Expertise

Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, thermal barrier coating, modeling and simulation, ab initio, first principles, molecular dynamics, discrete element model, finite element model.

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