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IU Bloomington

Matthew Link

Research Technologies

Areas of Expertise

  • Research computing
  • Student technologies
  • Messaging and telecommunication
  • Data storage
  • Unix systems
  • High-performance computing systems
  • Cyberinfrastructure for polar research and disaster response

Expert Bio

Matt Link is associate vice president of research technologies at IU and the creator of “Spider-Link,” a piece of mobile technology used to share and manage information from multiple locations collected by disaster assessment units following major storms. The equipment will be used on the ground by emergency responders from Indiana Task Force One, who have been dispatched to assist during Hurricane Florence. A volunteer firefighter for over 10 years with the Benton Township Volunteer Fire Department,

Link built a device that allows eight portable computers to network together for collecting, organizing, managing, controlling versions of reports on damage assessments and photos. Link also serves as associate director for the Pervasive Technology Institute’s Digital Science Center and Data to Insight Center. He has over 15 years of experience in higher education technology, including student technologies, messaging and telecommunication, Unix systems support and high-performance computing. In his primary role, Link oversees the management of IU’s research technologies systems, including high-performance computing and data storage. He is also an active member of the planning committee for the IEEE/ACM Supercomputing Conference and has been involved with the conference since 2003.