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Kim Saxton

Kelley School of Business

Expert Bio

Kim Saxton is a marketing strategy professor who believes marketers should make data-driven decisions to improve their effectiveness. She has 30 years of experience in competitive intelligence, market research and marketing and has provided insights to the decision-making of a variety of Fortune 500 firms. Today, companies engage her to help them improve their data-driven decision-making, especially in digital marketing approaches. Saxton has published broadly on new data analysis techniques, advertising effectiveness and growth trajectories for startups. She earned a B.S. in marketing from MIT, reinforced by an MBA and Ph.D. in marketing from Indiana University.

Areas of Expertise

Data-driven marketing, customer segmentation and advertising strategies to segments, branding and corporate reputation, content marketing, digital marketing, marketing automation, database marketing, competitive intelligence systems, market research techniques, marketing strategy, marketing for new ventures, entrepreneurial marketing and women as entrepreneurs.

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