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Laura McCloskey
IU Bloomington

Laura McCloskey

School of Public Health

Expert Bio

Laura McCloskey is a professor at the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington. With federal funding, she has performed research on the origins and impact of child abuse and child witnessing violence, violence against women and women’s reproductive health, children’s mental health, and the social origins of HIV among women in South Africa.

She was founding director of the Center for Research on Health Disparities. Her doctorate is in psychology from the University of Michigan, and she has taught at the University of Arizona, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Illinois.

Areas of Expertise

Child abuse, child maltreatment, sexual abuse, violence against women, domestic violence, the impact of domestic violence on children, partner abuse and women’s reproductive health, cycle of violence in families, HIV risk among women in South Africa, partner abuse in sub-Saharan Africa.