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Xin Zhang

School of Liberal Arts/Department of History at IU Indianapolis

Expert Bio

Xin Zhang is a historian and scholar who serves as a professor in the Department of History at the School of Liberal Arts at IU Indianapolis. He has made significant contributions to the field of history through his research and publications. His first book, “Social Transformation in Modern China: The State and Local Elites in Henan, 1900-1937,” was a groundbreaking work that examined the social, economic and political changes that occurred in Henan Province during the early 20th century.

His most recent book, “The Global in the Local: A Century of War, Commerce, and Technology in China,” explores the impact of global forces on China’s economy and society over the past century.

Born in China, he received his Bachelor of Science degree from East China Normal University in 1982 after passing the first national examination in China after the Cultural Revolution, and then went on to earn his Master of Arts and doctorate from the University of Chicago.

Areas of Expertise

China specialist: current events, Chinese history and Chinese politics; Asia specialist: current events; international relations (Asia); and U.S. relations with Asian countries including China, Japan and Korea.