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David Bodenhamer

The Polis Center

Expert Bio

David Bodenhamer is executive director emeritus of The Polis Center and a professor of history at IUPUI. He is author or editor of 12 books and has published over 30 journal articles and chapters in books. His work in U.S. constitutional history includes “The Revolutionary Constitution” (Oxford University Press, 2012) and “The U.S. Constitution: A Short Introduction” (Oxford University Press, 2018). Spatial humanities titles include “The Spatial Humanities: GIS and the Future of Humanities Scholarship” (IU Press, 2010) and “Deep Maps and Spatial Narratives” (IU Press, 2015).

Bodenhamer is co-director of the Virtual Center for Spatial Humanities (with Florida State University and West Virginia University), co-general editor of the IU Press Series on spatial humanities and co-editor of IJHAC: A Journal of the Digital Humanities (Edinburgh University Press).

Areas of Expertise

Legal and constitutional history; use of geospatial technologies in academic and community-based research; spatial humanities; deep maps and spatial narratives.

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