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IU Bloomington

Keisuke Kawata

School of Public Health

Expert Bio

Keisuke Kawata, a clinical neuroscientist and athletic trainer, is an assistant professor in the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington, where he studies effects of repetitive head impacts using sensor-installed mouthguard, blood biomarkers, eye tracking and cognitive assessment. His sports medicine training was with NFL Detroit Lions, MLS Sporting Kansas City, MLB Atlanta Braves and ESPN Wide World of Sports.

In his M.S. degree at Temple University, he studied molecular aspects of brain health using animal models and brain cells. In his Ph.D. at Temple University, he conducted clinical studies examining the effects of repetitive head impacts.

Areas of Expertise

Concussion, subconcussive head impacts, pediatric brain injury, neurophysiology, blood biomarker, neuro-ophthalmology, head impact kinematics, neurocognitive function.

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