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IU Bloomington

Elizabeth Dunn

Department of Geography

Expert Bio

Elizabeth Cullen Dunn is a professor of geography at IU Bloomington whose work focuses on forced migration, most recently in Ukraine. Dunn also works in food studies. From 2001 to 2008, her work focused particularly on global food safety regulations, and the new spaces they created.

Working in Colorado’s beef industry, Poland’s pork industry and fruit and vegetable processing in the Republic of Georgia, Dunn investigated how regulations put forth by USDA, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the European Union turned places from kill floors and lairages to the back end of a cow into new sites of scientific investigation and bureaucratic regulation. Her new work returns to her roots in labor studies, and looks at the ways American meatpacking has become dependent on refugee labor.

Areas of Expertise

Refugees, internally displaced people, forced migration, conflict, humanitarian aid, food and agriculture, Postsocialism.

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