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IU Northwest

Scooter Pégram

Department of Modern Languages and Department of Minority Studies

Expert Bio

Scooter Pégram is a professor of modern languages and minority studies at Indiana University Northwest. He has extensive experience researching immigrant and ethnocultural communities, particularly youth from Francophone countries. Pégram has published various studies regarding young people from immigrant and ethnocultural communities across North America and Europe on topics such as identity, acceptance, racism, integration, gender and language. He is researching the intertwining topics of language and identity in French-language hip-hop music.

Areas of Expertise

The French-speaking world (Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Quebec, Asia, Oceania), linguistics, sociolinguistics, Caribbean studies, Quebec studies, France, racism in France, terrorism in France, immigrants in France, immigration in French-speaking countries, Caribbean history, African history, African migrants in France, rap music, hip-hop music, French films, French rap, French hip-hop, French literature, French culture.