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IU Bloomington

Tara Smiley

Environmental Resilience Institute

Expert Bio

Tara Smiley is a stable isotope ecology fellow at Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute. She is interested in biodiversity patterns across space and time in relation to landscape and climate change. Her research integrates ecological studies from modern, historical and fossil records, focusing on North American mammals and birds. She uses naturally occurring biogeochemical signals found in the environment to track animals’ diets and migratory patterns. Through her research, Smiley hopes to contribute more accurate predictions of species response in the future and help targeted conservation efforts to protect species that may be vulnerable to present-day climate change.

Areas of Expertise

Stable isotope analysis; modern, historical and paleo-ecology; biogeography.

Other Information

Environmental Resilience Institute: Tara Smiley’s website:

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