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IU Bloomington

Konye Ori

School of Public Health

Expert Bio

Konye Ori is the deputy director of Prevention Insights at the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington. Working with government agencies, organizations, health care providers and community coalitions, Ori identifies and aligns prevention services, resources and strategies to address mental health, substance use disorder and wellness.

Ori champions prevention and the application of addiction science to building healthier communities. In championing community needs, he has also addressed conflict management and civic communication as tools to building better communities. Wherefore, Ori has addressed and delegated at the United Nations General Assembly, and provided punditry for the BBC and other major networks.

Areas of Expertise

Organizational leadership, organizational wellness, cultural change, health communication, persuasion, addiction, behavioral change, behavioral health, operations management, organizational governance, conflict management and resolution, prevention, public health.

Other Information

Peace by Peace: Building Stronger Communities:

“From Devastation to Peace: An Analysis of the Boko Haram Insurgency in Northern Nigeria and the Road to Reconciliation”: