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Faculty and staff at Indiana University have expertise in topics across a wide range of disciplines. You can search below by expertise keyword and/or IU campus to find an IU representative whose expertise matches what you’re looking for.

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IU Kokomo

Mark Canada

School of Humanities and Social Sciences/English and Language Studies

American literature, Edgar Allan Poe, Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Thomas Wolfe, Lewis and Clark, English language (history and structure),media literacy.

Elizabeth Clayton, IU Kokomo.
IU Kokomo

Elizabeth Clayton

School of Business

Motivations in the workplace, interpersonal workplace dynamics, leader-employee relationship quality, team dynamics, and workplace outcomes of focus: stress, burnout, job satisfaction, well-being, and employee productivity and efficiency.

IU Kokomo

Meg Galasso


Archives, reference, library research, information literacy.

Patrick Motl
IU Kokomo

Patrick Motl

School of Sciences

Astronomy, physics, astrophysics, compact objects, neutron stars, white dwarves, black hole mergers.

IU Kokomo

Christina Romero-Ivanova

School of Education

Digital storytelling, narrative inquiry, women’s literacies, ethnographic research, women’s silencing, book clubs, literature circles, reading strategies, reading methods, reading comprehension, artifactual literacies, advocacy for survivors of sexual assault.