News for faculty and staff   |  Dec. 6, 2017

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Year-end reminders

IU Human Resources shares details about the year's final paycheck and how and when to use time off during the holidays.

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Reinhold Hill speaks with students

From the Desk

Vice Chancellor and Dean Reinhold Hill discusses IUPUC's increased outreach, recruitment and support of Latino students.

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Water lapping at the shore

A new threat

A study co-authored by IU South Bend researcher Joshua Wells finds that a rise of 1 meter in sea levels would submerge over 13,000 recorded archaeological sites.

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A graphic of the state of Indiana that has a banner over it saying 'Pride of Indiana'

Pride of Indiana

Check out thank-you messages from IU employees to IU employees.

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A graduation cap on a globe.

Around IU

Read about rankings for IU study abroad programs, a technology networking event hosted by IU's first lady and more.

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A man holds his head while sitting at a desk.

Battling holiday stress

IU Northwest's Alexandra Noriega provides five simple tips for coping during what can be a busy and stressful season.

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Events and Lectures

IUPUI Holiday Night

Indianapolis Children's Museum  |  Dec. 8, 2017
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