Special Edition: Grand Challenges  |  May 22, 2019

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Initiatives stride into 3-year mark

IU Vice President for Research Fred Cate explains the lasting differences the three Grand Challenge initiatives are making in Indiana and beyond.

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Jackie Stephens receives a chemotherapy treatment

Precision health

A South Bend woman's tumor shrank by more than 50 percent during a clinical trial that studied triple negative breast cancer as part of the Precision Health Initiative.

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Alex Jahn holding a bird

'Backpacks' for birds

Using tiny trackers, biologist Alex Jahn monitors bird migration changes as part of the Prepared for Environmental Change initiative.

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A box full of naloxone drug overdose prevention kits

Policy and prevention

As life expectancy continues to fall in the U.S., the Responding to the Addictions Crisis initiative is creating new partnerships and new models to prevent and treat opioid addiction.

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