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Aug. 26, 2020

COVID-19 mitigation testing

A strong start doesn't negate the need to stay vigilant. Weekly testing aims to quickly identify and isolate anyone who tests positive, including asymptomatic carriers of the disease.

What you need to know
People look at nasal swab testing information

On-arrival testing complete

IU used a rapid-result COVID-19 test for more than 39,000 students upon their arrival to one of four residential campuses. Here's a recap of what we know about the testing so far and what comes next.
A woman uses pink tape, scissors and crayons for an art project

Creative self-care

Take on a fun three-week challenge. Healthy IU encourages you to explore art, music and writing to improve your mental and emotional well-being.
Erica Rios and Lt. Curt Burrow

Social work pioneers

An innovative internship experience in northwest Indiana is forging new community bonds, placing social work students alongside police officers.
A limestone IU on the Bloomington campus

Q&A: Title IX update

Learn how IU's policy has changed following new federal Title IX regulations, which often apply to sexual harassment or misconduct cases.
IU branded masks sitting on a table

Need masks?

Approved masks may be purchased with campus- or department-specific branding following these steps outlined by IU Purchasing.
One white tulip stands out in a field of red tulips


Read about retirements and service anniversaries of staff across all campuses in April, May and June.
Woman holds up letters that spell "VOTE"

19th Amendment at 100

IU historians delve into the diversity of the women's suffrage movement, including other historians' work that challenges "the Anthony-Stanton myth and the belief that suffrage was a white middle-class movement."
White text on a red background reads News Roundup, all campuses

Around IU

Read updates on IU's cleaning efforts for the fall semester, online learning survey results, time-off options related to COVID-19 and more.
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