Special Edition: Grand Challenges
Nov. 11, 2020

Real, lasting change

IU's three Grand Challenge initiatives were established to address critical challenges facing our state and nation. Vice President for Research Fred Cate discusses the progress made over the last four years.

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a person wearing a mask sitting at a desk

Community health power

Addiction recovery coaches like LaTasha Timberlake are crucial partners in IU's fight against addiction and substance use disorder. Her work with Hoosier moms is also reducing infant mortality.
a person's hands holding a green plant

Helping Hoosiers

On farms and in communities statewide, IU's Environmental Resilience Institute is collaborating with a cohort of local leaders to help Hoosier communities and economies become more adaptable in the face of climate change.
Angie Steeno playing cards on the floor

Targeted therapies

For patients like Angie Steeno, IU's work to develop targeted therapies for triple negative breast cancer is filling a void in research about rare and uniquely aggressive forms of cancer.
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