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News for faculty and staff   |  Jan. 29, 2019

Bloomington Campus

Olympic effort

When Olivia Ballew isn't in the lab working toward her Ph.D., she's putting in mile after mile of marathon training. She recently qualified for the 2020 Olympic trials.

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Faculty sit around tables during a development workshop

Feedback loop

Make the most of student course evaluations with tips from the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning.

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Elise Calvi working in the preservation lab conserving the historical collections.

Retro research

IU has received a donation of "sacred texts" of fruit fly genetics. The collection includes some of the field's earliest writings and research tools.

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A theater with Bloomington Pride on the screen

Bloomington PRIDE

Learn more about two IU staff members' experiences on the board and get the details on this year's Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival.

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Pieces of IU Fieldhouse floor at IU Surplus

Around IU

Read about pieces of the IU Fieldhouse basketball court floor up for auction at IU Surplus, the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting and more.

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August Tuggle

One Day/One Hoosier

Follow a day in the life of August Tuggle, a sophomore voice major in the IU Jacobs School of Music who "embodies the best of what a Singing Hoosier and IU student can be."

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Events and Lectures

Cosmic Collisions Reveal Einstein's Gravitational-Wave Universe

Swain West, Room 119  |  Jan. 30, 2019
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