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News for faculty and staff   |  Jan. 28, 2020

Renovation update

What you need to know to navigate the closures, detours and new food options during the IMU's dining renovation project.

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From left, IU Bloomington students Alex Butrum-Griffith, Maya Patheja and Anna Hsiao

Catalyzing research

Meet the IU Bloomington chemistry students whose lab experience includes testing antibiotics from Kenya. The four-week project had students thinking about regulatory agencies, medical ethics and the effect of drug access on people's lives.
An exterior shot of the Eastman House

New faculty residency

A historic Martha's Vineyard property -- once owned by prolific American writer and prominent political activist Max Forrester Eastman -- will soon be a place for IU Bloomington arts and humanities faculty to write and create.
An ion trap is pictured in the Richerme Lab in Simon Hall at IU Bloomington.

Research hub

Indiana University has established a new research hub to pursue the rapidly developing field of quantum science and engineering. The new center will develop technologies and materials made possible by the "second quantum revolution."
Center for Rural Engagement's rural arts partnership with Washington County.

Around IU

Learn about the latest county to join IU's program helping rural communities, flu season precautions, a new book prize and more.
The reading room in the Lilly Library Reading Room

Visual centerpiece

The Lilly Library will commission murals to be displayed in its Reading Room as part of the IU Bicentennial. They will spotlight some of the library's treasured collections and themes.

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