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News for faculty and staff   |  Jan. 17, 2019

Indianapolis Campus

IUPUI's musical man

Campus Facility Services staff member Dennis Jones keeps the Campus Center functioning while pursuing his passion for theater.

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Birthday cake

Party like it's 1969

IUPUI's 50th Anniversary Birthday Bash will consist of 12 hours of revelry Jan. 24 in the Campus Center.

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A student walks in heavy snow.

'Operates at all times'

It takes a perfect storm to bring IUPUI to a halt. Here's why.

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Professor Jason Meyer speaks with student Clarisse Filgor.

Lab Culture

Biology associate professor Jason Meyer's lab strives to fix damaged human retinal systems with stem cells, maintaining team spirit to lighten the work.

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A Balance Bowl from Duos

Let's Do Lunch

Duos is a cafe just outside Eskenazi Health that specializes in healthy -- and delicious -- fare.

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Students in 1984

Around IUPUI

Learn about new leadership in the Division of Student Affairs, IUPUI Archives' latest contest and honors for IUPUI undergraduate education.

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Events and Lectures

2019 IUPUI Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Indianapolis Marriott Downtown  |  Feb. 2, 2019
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