News for faculty and staff   |  Nov. 12, 2020

Journey of the Jaguars

Some schools have one, and others have none, but IUPUI has three. Discover the spirited history of the Jaguar mascot trio -- Jinx, Jawz and Jazzy.

Learn the history of the mascots
a group of soldiers salute the raising of the American flag

Honoring veterans

A flag-raising outside Cavanaugh Hall involved several campus stakeholders. IU photographer Liz Kaye took pictures of the patriotic event.
An American flag is displayed alongside a road

Heroes among us

Veterans Day is a time to stop and thank all the individuals who serve to protect our nation. These two vets have found a home at IUPUI.
exterior of the School of Education at IUPUI

Education and race

School of Education Interim Dean Tambra Jackson shares how the school is addressing racial and social justice in research, teaching, service and community engagement.
a doctor administers a shot to a person's arm

Vaccination education

IUPUI researchers are identifying the best ways to educate the public about the safety and effectiveness of a COVID-19 vaccine in preparation for its approval.
A person submits their saliva sample

Around IUPUI

Get quick updates on COVID-19 departure testing, Chancellor Paydar's State of the Campus address and more.
a sign says, "Lower your mask and fill the tube with your saliva"

COVID-19 dashboard

The university's testing results are accessible on a dashboard that is updated every Wednesday. Combining this data with analysis from its team of medical experts, IU is monitoring and minimizing the spread of COVID-19.
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