News for faculty and staff   |  Jan. 14, 2021

Making a difference in challenging times

McKinney dean Karen Bravo explains how McKinney students, faculty, staff and alumni have come together to share their legal expertise to help others in these challenging times.

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Martin Luther King Jr. speaking

Celebrating MLK

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up, and IUPUI has several events exemplifying the humane causes espoused by the civil rights leader.

Grateful leadership

Watch IU President Michael A. McRobbie say thank you to faculty and staff for all they've done to keep campuses safe. He made several surprise appearances at virtual meetings in late December.
collage of news clippings saying various things like "2020 election" and "president" and "ballots"

Fact or fiction?

A new Media Literacy course, open to all juniors and seniors, will help students examine the media and identify fake and factual news.
Close-up on the blowing end of a Breathalyzer

Breath test in development

A team from the School of Engineering and Technology is working to create a Breathalyzer-type device that can test for COVID-19.
a sign that says "fill tube only beyond this point" with people in the background

Around IUPUI

Get quick updates on the resuming of COVID-19 testing and the new location, wellness days for the spring 2021 semester, and more.
a hand places in a vial for collection

COVID-19 dashboard

The university's testing results are accessible on a dashboard that is updated every Wednesday. Combining this data with analysis from its team of medical experts, IU is monitoring and minimizing the spread of COVID-19.
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