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Enrollment Gains in Key Areas Mark IU South Bend’s Fall Semester

Sep 2, 2022

This fall, Indiana University South Bend enrollment saw an increase in graduate, transfer, and new beginning students. Additionally, positive trends continued to ensure the student body reflects the diversity of the community it serves.

IU South Bend’s beginning freshman increased more than 10 percent over last year’s class, while the number of students seeking a graduate degree rose by more than 6 percent. The number of students who transferred to IU South Bend from another institution rose by more than 5 percent.

IU South Bend exists to serve this region and anyone who wants to earn a college degree to improve their lives and the lives of those around them, said Chancellor Susan Elrod. We’re proud to see the gains we’ve made in enrollment and will continue to find ways to improve access and affordability for all. IU South Bend has been particularly working to make the transition to college more seamless, lowering common barriers to post-secondary education, taking steps to help high school students access college-level classes, and reducing common fees.

Thirty-one percent of the campus student body is made up of underrepresented students of color. The number of underrepresented students of color increased by more than 6 percent over last year. The number of Hispanic/Latino students on campus grew by nearly 11 percent. Additionally, nearly 40 percent of the student body are first generation students. The number of first-generation students increased by 3 percent over last year.

The total number of undergraduate and graduate students at IU South Bend is 4,326. Nearly 82% of students come from the region, with over 88% from across Indiana. Another 4% of students come to IU South Bend from neighboring Michigan.

IU South Bend, which is ranked sixth among small public colleges for its military friendly campus, saw its number of veteran students increase by nearly 10 percent this fall. Another important student group, Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars, saw gains as well, with beginning freshman up from last year by 38 percent. Within the campus’s Honors Program, 173 more students are participating in this enriched and unique college experience, for a total of 375 honors students this year.

IU South Bend’s mission is to provide high quality, affordable bachelor’s and graduate programs to the residents of North Central Indiana and Southwestern Michigan. The campus offers approximately 100 undergraduate and 20 graduate degrees on campus in South Bend, at its Elkhart Center, and online. IU South Bend continues to have particularly strong enrollment in business, social work, and health sciences, as well as expansion in online programs. Enrollment in online programs increased by nearly 21 percent over last year.

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