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State Representative Maureen Bauer Appointed to IU South Bend Advisory Board

Oct 19, 2021

Indiana University South Bend is proud to announce State Representative Maureen Bauer was recently appointed to serve on the IU South Bend Advisory Board. I’m looking forward to joining the IU South Bend Advisory Board and promoting the university and its programs as well as assisting the Chancellor, said Representative Bauer. IU South Bend is an important asset in the 6th House District I represent.

Regional campus advisory boards were formally established in 1972 by the IU Board of Trustees. IU South Bend’s 21-member advisory board is comprised of leaders from local government, business and community organizations in the region the campus serves.

As advisors, the board offers diverse perspectives, shares opportunities for possible partnerships and programs, and thinks about our campus in their community roles, said Chancellor Elrod. I’m excited to have Representative Bauer join the Advisory Board. As a State Representative, she understands the perspectives and needs of the people in her district, which in turn IU South Bend also serves.

Representative Bauer grew up in the House District she represents and graduated from John Adams High School. I watched IU South Bend grow over the years into a beautiful campus that attracts students from quite a few counties, including Michigan, said Rep. Bauer. Her father, former House Speaker B. Patrick Bauer, also served on the IU South Bend Advisory Board while he was a member of the Indiana House of Representatives.

An alumna of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Representative Bauer understands the unique role regional campuses play in their communities. I am excited to be a young female voice on the Advisory Board and a key voice of the constituents of the House District, especially faculty, staff, and students, she said, and also advise the Chancellor of emerging needs in the community.

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