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Titan Tuesday - Brikea Sherrod

Jul 6, 2021

Junior Brikea Sherrod’s priority is to push herself to step outside of her comfort zone so she can grow and achieve her goals. After graduating from Michigan City High School, she knew she wanted to remain close to her family while still pursuing her college education. Even without a vehicle of her own, Brikea was dedicated to making her dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher a reality. Each morning, she would take the train from Michigan City to South Bend, and then a car service from the train station to campus.

Brikea then decided to skip the grueling daily commute and opted to live in campus housing - a decision with which she couldn’t be happier. Campus housing life is really fun, she says. I love having my independence and meeting new people.

After living on campus as a resident, Brikea decided to take the next step and serve in a leadership role as a resident assistant (RA) to help create a supportive, safe, and engaging environment. I like to try new things and challenge myself. As an RA, it’s so fun to plan events and get to know the new residents.

Brikea is no stranger to the role of being a leader and helping others feel comfortable - she is the eldest of 10 siblings and feels a sense of pride in being an example to them. In fact, she enjoys it so much that it led to her decision to pursue elementary education as her major. I have loved being their big sister, she explains. So now I want to continue to teach little kids as my career.

Since the upcoming semester is set to transition back to have more in-person classes, Brikea is looking forward to a more robust campus life. My goals for next semester are to meet more people and attend more events, she says. I just can’t wait to see everyone!

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