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Titan Tuesday - Shirley Frye

Oct 6, 2020

No one knows what the future holds, but junior Shirley Frye wants to help organizations reduce risky outcomes using a tried and true tool: mathematics. As an actuarial science major, Shirley is learning to use financial theory to predict the financial outcome events will have on insurance plans. I’m intrigued by the ability to quantify and evaluate uncertainties, she explains.

Originally from Constantine, Michigan, Shirley decided to continue her education at IU South Bend initially for financial reasons, but quickly realized that the lower tuition costs certainly didn’t mean she was skimping out on quality.

Initially, I was drawn to IUSB by the affordability, but I decided to continue to attend due to the wonderful one-on-one learning experiences that are offered, says Shirley.

As Shirley gets closer to earning her undergraduate degree, she is working on gaining all of the knowledge she can to help her get prepared for landing a job and starting her career on a strong note.

Throughout the upcoming semester, I’d like to focus on becoming more comfortable with and building a greater understanding of computer programming and what it means to my career as an actuary, says Shirley. After graduation, I’d like to attain an entry-level actuarial position in the insurance industry while I continue to study for my actuarial exams.

Being a student in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has proven difficult, according to Shirley, but she won’t let the uncertainty hold her back from pursuing her dreams. I believe that as long as we strive to be the greatest versions of ourselves, we will inevitably find our peace.

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