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IU South Bend Libraries Launches “Race Card Project” Exhibit

Jan 30, 2020
Race Card Wall
Race Card Wall

The exhibition IDENTITY + INCLUSION BRIDGES TO BELONGING runs through February in the lobby of the library. The IU South Bend Libraries is excited to announce the opening of the exhibition IDENTITY + INCLUSION - BRIDGES TO BELONGING.

This special exhibit features a display of over 100 cards on which students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, community members, and local high school students have written six words to describe their views on race, inclusion, and identity. Our collection is part of a national project called The Race Card Project started by award-winning journalist Michele Norris in 2010 as a way to get people talking about race. She notes that the six words are often the beginning of a much larger conversation.

Since that time, Norris has received thousands of six-word stories from around the world, including people from Afghanistan, Great Britain, Chile, South Korea, Belgium and United Arab Emirates. Due to the large response, she developed a website and portals for institutions to use. IU South Bend’s online portal is

You will see a wide range of responses in the Library’s exhibit, ranging from fervent calls for broader acceptance to the impact of seemingly innocuous encounters. Some cards may mirror your views while others may make you squirm. Because candor and honesty are critical to bridging divides and connecting with others, all cards have been included even those that may be insensitive or upsetting in some people’s eyes. We hope that this exhibit sparks further discussion and reflection on campus and in the community.

The exhibit is located in the lobby of the Franklin D. Schurz Library and will run through February.

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