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Titan Tuesday - Trevor Fowler

Jan 7, 2020

Trevor Fowler graduated from IU South Bend in 2018 with a BA in public relations. University students often feel pressured to make definitive choices about their lifelong careers at a young age, but alumnus Trevor Fowler is a clear example of how listening to one’s instincts and being open to exploring the unknown can lead to professional and personal fulfillment even if one’s dreams change along the way.

Born and raised in South Bend, Trevor graduated from Adams High School in 2013, right across the street from IU South Bend. He moved away to attend Vincennes University, but it never quite felt like home and decided to transfer to IU South Bend to be closer to family and friends.

As a transfer student, I had to start over and meet new people. But the sense of community here at IU South Bend made me feel very comfortable and made it so much easier to make new friends. Coming here ended up being one of the best decisions I have made, says Trevor.

Originally, Trevor intended to major in journalism but was concerned about limiting himself professionally and instead, opted to pursue public relations. It just seemed like the perfect fit for me because it gave me multiple career options.

After graduating from the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts in December of 2018 with a degree in Public Relations minoring in Interpersonal Communication, Trevor thought he wanted to be a news reporter. However, after landing a job at WSBT 22 News as a technical director, he realized the realities of being a news reporter weren’t the right fit for him. I got to see firsthand the experience of being a reporter, and changed my mind, explains Trevor. Fortunately, the versatility of his public relations degree allowed him to be flexible so he could continue to find his place in the professional world.

Currently, Trevor is pursuing his creative and technical interests at WSBT as a technical director and soon to be a director-in-training, where he’s part of production. Trevor also couldn’t stay away from his alma mater and currently works in the Office of Communications and Marketing on campus as a web technician and as a success coach in the Titan Success Center.

I like it a lot working here, it still gives me that welcoming community vibe. IUSB is always going to be home.

Trevor’s advice to current students is to follow their passions. Even if you don’t get to the original dream job, it’s worth it to try because you may find something else you enjoy along the way.

In his spare time, Trevor is a self-proclaimed man of many interests. I do a little bit of everything, I always have to be busy and moving around. He’s a foodie who loves to cook, and also enjoys painting, photography, hiking, and working out at the gym.

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