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Titan Tuesday - Shelby Theodorovich

Dec 3, 2019

Senior and criminal justice major Shelby Theodorovich Senior Shelby Theodorovich’s college journey started off tentatively, and that extra caution in the beginning has led her to exactly where she’s confident she should be. After graduating from Northridge High School in Middlebury, IN, Shelby, like many young students, wasn’t exactly sure what her next steps should be. She decided to start out with a two year program at Ivy Tech Community College to learn if college was right for her and what type of career she wanted to ultimately pursue.

I originally went to Ivy Tech Community College, which is a two year school, because I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet or if I wanted to get a four year degree, explained Shelby. After earning an associate degree from Ivy Tech, she transferred to IU South Bend through the ABC program, a partnership between the two institutions. Qualified Ivy Tech students who enroll in the ABC program receive guaranteed acceptance to IU South Bend and are eligible for a designated scholarship.

Coming to IU South Bend was the right decision for Shelby. I’ve enjoyed having more discussions in class, and especially with my professors. Plus, I was able to still live at home and save money, she said.

When she graduates in May with a bachelor degree in criminal justice, Shelby’s career goal is to become a juvenile probation officer. She became interested in pursuing the field when she worked as a program aide, handling cases that didn’t go through the formal court system. This firsthand experience seeing what juvenile probation officers do day-to-day made her realize how much she enjoyed the line of work. She is now also considering pursuing a graduate degree a major transition from her early days of not even knowing if she wanted to go into higher education at all.

My advice to others is to stick with college it’s tough, but getting through it will be so worth it.

To learn more about the ABC program, visit:


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