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Titan Tuesday - Tahyia Rehman Alvi

Sep 3, 2019

Freshman Tahyia Rehman Alvi came to IU South Bend from Pakistan to major in political science, and plans to go to law school. While many students choose IU South Bend for its proximity to home, the university has a robust population of students who come from all over the world to get their education here. IU South Bend freshman Tahyia Rehman Alvi is from Karachi, Pakistan, but always knew she wanted to pursue higher education in the United States. As she was researching options for American colleges and universities, she knew IU South Bend was where she belonged.

I came from the Cambridge school system in Pakistan, and they really encouraged us to go outside of Pakistan for our higher studies, and prepared us for that. I did my research and I found IU South Bend most interesting, explains Tahyia. Everything about it was attractive to me: it’s smaller and less crowded and it’s economical with really good scholarships. Students are from diverse backgrounds and can get to know each other’s cultures, so it really feels like a community.

Tahyia is a political science major, with the ultimate goal of becoming a lawyer. Her interest in politics was another major reason she wanted to study in the U.S. Growing up in Pakistan, the culture is completely different than in the U.S. Here, you have more freedom to decide what you want to pursue as a career.

Although Tahyia has basic knowledge regarding American politics, her goal is to continue learning more about it in-depth to be prepared for a law career, through her coursework as a political science major and getting more involved in political science organizations on campus and related internships.

In her free time, Tayhia enjoys singing, art, and playing sports, including badminton and table tennis.


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