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IU South Bend Recognized as Certified Sustainable Campus

Aug 9, 2019

Photo of Franklin Schurz Library IU South Bend recognized as a Certified Sustainable Campus.

Indiana University South Bend has been officially recognized as a Certified Sustainable Campus by the Indiana Wildlife Federation. This award is given to campuses that serve as models for sustainable landscaping and proactively reform conventional landscapes into quality habitats, stimulating healthy populations of birds, insect pollinators, and other wildlife. The award was presented on campus at the Northwest Happenings Conference recently where groups met to discuss environmental and conservation issues.

IU South Bend was recognized for its highly accomplished sustainability program.Several initiatives on campus were highlighted such as parking lots made with permeable surfaces, rain gardens stocked with native plants, and the Center for a Sustainable Future (CSF). The new parking lots filter pollutants from cars which often run off impermeable surfaces and directly into waterways. The native wetland plantings on campus are used by staff and students to do research on pollinators and their relationship with native plants. IU South Bend also has composting options alongside their trash and recycling services and a host of other programs in place.

The CSF was established in 2008 and works with the campus and community to find innovative and engaging ways to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. More information can be found at


SF Director Krista Bailey and Associate Professor of Biology and Sustainability Studies Deb Marr received the award from Emily Wood, executive director of the Indiana Wildlife Federation.


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