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Triplets Graduate Together from IU South Bend

May 9, 2019

As triplets, Kami, Kari, and Kori Miller have shared many milestones and can add another to the list: graduating from Indiana University South Bend together.

Kami, Kari and Kori Miller (left to right) are triplets who graduated together from IU South Bend. It feels surreal to graduate with my sisters, it’s another memory to be able to share as a trio, says Kami.

The sisters, who went to high school at Adams in South Bend, have always been close, but since they had their own individual majors in mind, going to the same college wasn’t necessarily expected to happen. Separating in college was something that we thought would be inevitable, so it’s been amazing that we started our academic careers together and we get to end them together, explains Kori.

Kami graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, while Kari and Kori majored in different programs within the Vera Z. Dwyer College of Health Sciences: Kari graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Kori with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.

I am so happy to graduate with my sisters. Knowing we were all going to major in something different, I was worried we would end up going to different colleges and would never see each other, says Kari.

Each sister will be forging her own distinctive career path. Kami is pursuing a role in criminal justice field, which she was drawn to with the goal to help people and protect the innocent.

Kari will be working on the labor and delivery unit at Memorial Hospital. I get to work one-on-one with patients, build really good relationships, and work collaboratively with others in order to provide the best patient care, she explains. She also plans to pursue a master’s degree in the next few years.

Kori, who has been intrigued by the dental field since back when I had to get braces, plans on pursuing a dental hygiene position in the area to remain close to her family.


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